Press Bulletin – ” ’21 twice… ” (ENGLISH)

Athens, January 19, 2021

P R E S S  B U L L E T I N

“ ’21 twice …”

A dedicatory book on the occasion of the completion of 200 years since the Greek Revolution was launched by the Holy Metropolitanate of Larissa and Tyrnavos in cooperation with the “En plo” Publishing House, entitled “ ’21 twice … 21 heroes and 21 heroines of the Greek Revolution of 1821”.  

Addressed to the male and female students of all levels of education, this book is a small tribute to all those heroes and heroines who fought so that we today may enjoy a free Greece. They are no mythical personalities, no super-heroes constructed, such as those in magazines and films. They are genuine and true standards. They are a truth that should never fall into oblivion. They are part of history. Our history. This is certainly not a book of biographies. It is the imprint of a shared goal: Freedom !

The Preface to the book is written by the Most Rev. Metropolitan Ieronymos of Larissa and Tyrnavos, who addresses himself to children by pointing out : “Many will attempt to tell you otherwise! Do not listen to them! They do not tell you the truth! They serve other, deceitful purposes, and this is why they distort history! We are Christians, and this is why we can forgive! We do not forget, though, because this will be tantamount to treason …”.

The texts have been edited by Ms Angheliki Mastromichalaki and Mr Panteleimon Zouras, and illustrations have been elaborated by Mr Spyridon Zacharopoulos.

The new book is available to those interested in the offices of the Holy Metropolitanate and, when this is permitted by the extraordinary healthcare measures, in the “Anemos”, “Kaltsas” and “Clue” bookshops of our town.