Holy Metropolitanate of Larissa and Tyrnavos: televised spot for 1821 (English Version)

On the occasion of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution of 1821, the Holy Metropolitanate of Larissa and Tyrnavos proceeded to the launch of a special televised spot under the title “Forging the soul of Modern Hellenism for the Uprising” as well as related posters in order to honour the Neomartyrs and Learned Personalities of Thessaly.

In a Press Conference he granted, Most Rev. Metropolitan Ieronimos of Larissa and Tyrnavos referred to the personalities presented and their contribution to Modern Hellenism, while he thanked the contributors – co-workers of the Holy Metropolitanate, both those in Larissa and those of the Greek Diaspora in Australia and Great Britain, whose online cooperation delivered such an æsthetically and spiritually appealing result.